Paul Levinson's The Other Car

Tax timeThe next couple days I might not post since I need to organize my receipts for taxes.

I took a break today and read a novella by Paul Levinson called “The Other Car.” It’s available on Kindle for $.99.

The Other CArJames Oleson is beginning to see everything in perfect duplicate – two identical models of cars which are the same down to scuff marks and license plate, two old philosophy books with the same torn pages and inscription in old ink, and twin mail men. Is he losing his mind, or experiencing the birth of a new alternate reality via binary fission?

Back to numbers.


Do You Have a Kindle?

kindleDo you have a Kindle?

Do you like it?

I have one and I order several free or $.99 special books on it. But I don’t use it unless I’m going on a trip and I don’t want to take several books with me. Every time, the battery needs charging, which shows me that I don’t use it enough. It’s not that I don’t like it. I prefer a real book.

I like to underline and mark special points and excellent writing while I’m reading. I can find my notations on the printed pages quickly. The Kindle has the feature to underline, but it takes more effort to go back and find the notes. With the Kindle, I like the ability to change the size of the font and to be able to order a book and have it immediately. However, I write on the computer for many hours. I prefer not to read on another screen. I want a nice change with a printed book, to feel the binding and the cover, to turn the pages like I have since I was in grade school. That’s the reason why the Kindle sits on my shelf.

Do you use yours more than I do?