Twenty-Five Pages

I’m looking forward to Jessica Barksdale’s writing workshop in a couple weeks. I submitted twenty-five pages of my new novel, Norman in the Painting to her and the other attendees for critiques. This year’s two-day workshop will be the third one of Jessica’s that I’ve attended. She is one of the most inspiring writing teachers I had as a beginning writer and continues to be along my writing journey. Her on-line classes and her mythology class at Diablo Valley College were outstanding.

CWC Tri-Valley Anthology Workshop

Announcement to members:

Saturday is the first of two workshops designed to get you started or to polish submissions to California Writers Club Tri-Valley chapter’s anthology. Julaina Kleist-Corwin, the instructor, has asked those who have a WIP (work in progress) please bring two copies to go over in class. If you don’t have a WIP, don’t worry, by the end of class you will have started one.