Rhetorical Devices Epitasis and Anesis

Epitasis is the addition of a concluding sentence that merely emphasizes what has already been stated. A kind of amplification.


Eat your sandwich. All of it.girls study rhetorical devices

Anesis is the opposite of epitasis. It adds a concluding sentence that diminishes the effect of what was said previously.


The little dog is cute and obedient. That said, he smells like a polluted mud flat at low tide on a hot afternoon.

The employee was smart, efficient, and generous. However, his temper was off the charts.


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For over twenty-five years, I've taught elementary grades, high school, and county special education classes. Now I am a field supervisor for teachers working toward their teaching credentials. I also teach writing classes in Dublin and Pleasanton, California. I have won 5 awards in short story contests, My stories are published in The California Writers Club Literary Review, and several anthologies including four times in Las Positas College collections. I have several book projects, but the two that have my immediate attention are HADA'S FOG, which is women's fiction, LILLI, a YA novel, and NORMAN IN THE PICTURE, a paranormal mystery. I have published an anthology WRITTEN ACROSS THE GENRES that includes writings from members of my writing classes and other writers. It's available on Amazon and Kindle.

3 thoughts on “Rhetorical Devices Epitasis and Anesis”

  1. I agree with Ms. Royce. I’m not sure I’ll remember the name of the rhetorical device, but I’ll darned sure remember the impact it carries. Thanks again, Julaina.


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