Quotes About Reader Emotions in Writing

wheel of emotionsJerry Cleaver in his book, Immediate Fiction, said, “It’s not just about giving the reader an experience. It’s about having it yourself, as you create. Character, reader, author—they’re all having the experience, the emotion. Without emotion, nobody’s having anything.”

Cleaver also said, “The first thing to realize is that the world is emotionally determined. Passion, not reason, makes things happen. We love, help, and destroy each other not because of logic, but because of passion.”

Gordon Lish said, “It’s not about what happens to people on a page: it’s about what happens to a reader in his heart and mind.”


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For over twenty-five years, I've taught elementary grades, high school, and county special education classes. Now I am a field supervisor for teachers working toward their teaching credentials. I also teach writing classes in Dublin and Pleasanton, California. I have won 5 awards in short story contests, My stories are published in The California Writers Club Literary Review, and several anthologies including four times in Las Positas College collections. I have several book projects, but the two that have my immediate attention are HADA'S FOG, which is women's fiction, LILLI, a YA novel, and NORMAN IN THE PICTURE, a paranormal mystery. I have published an anthology WRITTEN ACROSS THE GENRES that includes writings from members of my writing classes and other writers. It's available on Amazon and Kindle.

2 thoughts on “Quotes About Reader Emotions in Writing”

  1. I especially like Lish’s “It’s about what happens to a reader in his heart and mind.” It IS all about the reader after all. Thanks for sharing this, Julaina.


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