Written Across The Genres at Towne Center Bookstore

Judy Wheeler at Towne Center Bookstore is pleased with the sales of our anthology, Written Across the Genres. She will keep copies on the shelves, no waiting for an order. While you’re there, check out their new carpeting.

We’d like to thank Judy for her support. She offers space to members of the California Writers Club, Tri-Valley branch for readings and other events. Her helpers, Claire and Genevieve, are friendly and efficient.

Independent bookstores like hers are great places to browse for books.


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For over twenty-five years, I've taught elementary grades, high school, and county special education classes. Now I am a field supervisor for teachers working toward their teaching credentials. I also teach writing classes in Dublin and Pleasanton, California. I have won 5 awards in short story contests, My stories are published in The California Writers Club Literary Review, and several anthologies including four times in Las Positas College collections. I have several book projects, but the two that have my immediate attention are HADA'S FOG, which is women's fiction, LILLI, a YA novel, and NORMAN IN THE PICTURE, a paranormal mystery. I have published an anthology WRITTEN ACROSS THE GENRES that includes writings from members of my writing classes and other writers. It's available on Amazon and Kindle.

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