Live Kelly & Michael Show's Marriage Proposals Topic on ABC

I watch very few TV programs, but I had the Live Kelly & Michael show playing today while I sorted receipts and looked for my tax spreadsheet to fill out before Friday. She gave statistics, which I don’t remember, about how many women were unhappy with their husband’s marriage proposal and wished they could change it.

Since Mitchell and I have returned from Paris, the city where, on our first trip in 2003, we confirmed our feelings for each other, I thought about Mitchell’s proposal. No, it wasn’t in Paris. It was 2011. We sat on a Victorian style couch at the Hilton lobby near the entrance to the restaurant while waiting for it to open. No one was around. Mitchell surprised me, slid off the couch, got on his knee and proposed. I’m not part of the statistics Kelly quoted. I’m very happy with Mitchell’s marriage proposal.

How about you? What was yours like? Are you happy with it or are you part of Kelly’s statistics?


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For over twenty-five years, I've taught elementary grades, high school, and county special education classes. Now I am a field supervisor for teachers working toward their teaching credentials. I also teach writing classes in Dublin and Pleasanton, California. I have won 5 awards in short story contests, My stories are published in The California Writers Club Literary Review, and several anthologies including four times in Las Positas College collections. I have several book projects, but the two that have my immediate attention are HADA'S FOG, which is women's fiction, LILLI, a YA novel, and NORMAN IN THE PICTURE, a paranormal mystery. I have published an anthology WRITTEN ACROSS THE GENRES that includes writings from members of my writing classes and other writers. It's available on Amazon and Kindle.

10 thoughts on “Live Kelly & Michael Show's Marriage Proposals Topic on ABC”

  1. Yikes, I was typing along and thrown out of your comment box. Perhaps it thought I was too boring. Tom proposed on a day when we’d returned to one of our favorite secluded coves along Big Sur. Normally the porpoises didn’t leave Monterey Bay all that often, but it seemed for our special day they showed up for a special day of porpoises at play and then leisurely sunning themselves among the rocks that make up the beautiful ocean edge of Big Sur.


  2. Pretty sure Jerry’s proposal was spur of the moment. A planner by nature, he threw caution to the wind and popped the question at Bono’s Restaurant in Palm Springs, after we finished dinner. We even have a picture of us with Sonny and his party in the background. After nearly two years together, and discussions about our future, I wondered if he would felt the need to propose. So I was happy when he made it official.


    1. I wondered too, after seven years, if a proposal would happen. Palm Springs must have made it memorable especially since “he threw caution to the wind”. 🙂 Surprise makes it more fun.


      1. Well, here’s the story of the less than romantic proposal, its unintended consequences, and the happy ending.

        Our wedding was a cross between a comedy and a beautiful, special effects laden movie. Once my future hubby decided to marry, he basically arrived at my workplace one morning with the ultimatum “now or never”. It was far from a dreamy romantic proposal. Still, I knew he was the one. I didn’t think twice, but silly me, I decided to respond to the informality of the proposal with a joking “What about next Friday?”. He took that answer seriously and the date was set.

        We managed to get everything that was needed ready in a week. I called family, made the dress, ordered a bouquet, got a friend who was a minister to officiate, although he thought we were rushing it. We took the blood tests, bought the license, chose witnesses, the best man, the maid of honor, and called on friends to attend.

        I even found a romantic locale for the ceremony. I knew from a botany class I’d taken that there was a beautiful, small Victorian style formal greenhouse on campus. Due to space restrictions within the structure, we had to keep the guest list down to a few close friends and family.

        All was in place when disaster struck. The romantic little building I loved had to undergo unexpected repairs after an accident with the glass ceiling. We received a call before our wedding to let us know that we would be moved to a holding patio for extra plants. It was crushing news, and we would have to have fewer guests, but there was no time for a change of venue.

        The botanists in charge of the facility weren’t happy they had to move us out, so they surprised us. They moved all the flowering, scented plants they had into the space we were to use. It was stunning. They misted the patio just before we arrived to cut down on the late summer heat. Afternoon rays of light filtered in through the slatted wood fence roof overhead and lit up the droplets of mist still hanging in the air. The effect created by the combination of flowers, light, and mist was magical. It was like being on some fairytale movie set.

        We had been warned we could only have eight guests in the new location, but the news had already traveled through our network of friends. All of the original invited guests showed up, along with surprise well-wishers. With the larger retinue of guests, extra plants, and trees, the patio wasn’t quite as packed as a Marx Brother’s cruise ship cabin, but it was cozy.

        Finally, the ceremony was ready to begin. Because of the the time constraint from proposal to wedding, we hadn’t planned music. The wedding was scheduled for five o’clock in the evening. I didn’t realize until we stood before the minister to share our vows what a fortuitous choice that was for us. The school had a musician who played a half hour concert each afternoon at the end of the day on the antique carillon in the chapel tower. As our vows began, so did the concert.

        The selections the carillon player chose that day turned out to be a program of popular classical wedding music.The final work played on the chapel tower bells that evening was Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. I took the sound of the beautiful melody ringing down from the bell tower as a sign of approval for our wedding, quite literally, from above. The music ended just as we finished our first married kiss.


      2. Oh, Trinity, what a beautiful story full of romance. The setting sounds magical indeed. I can’t imagine doing what you did in only one week.
        Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


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